This update is primarily for Nordic readers.

The Book of Songs is now available at Adlibris. Click here to get to the store front. Presently there’s some trouble showing the cover, but the actual file should be complete. If you face any additional problems, please contact Adlibris customer service.

Also, if you want to give The Book of Songs a review on your preferred storefront I’d be deeply grateful!

Queer Books for Teens

The Book of Songs has been added to a database called Queer Books for Teens. If you haven’t heard of the site before, check it out.

I think this is a great initiative, since LGBTQ+ teens often feel isolated and have a hard time finding representation in mainstream media. Thankfully, that’s slowly getting better, but it’s still hard for teens to find stories where they are represented.

Authors can ask for their books to be added, so if you’re the author of a LGBTQ+ book, feel free to contact them and see if they want to add your book to the database. The more comprehensive it gets, the better.